Insidemainland: 7 Take-Outs From Festac Food Fair 2016

Insidemainland: 7 Take-Outs From Festac Food Fair 2016

With its name derived from the acronym FESTAC, which stands for Second World African Festival of Arts and Culture that held in the community in 1977, Festac is situated along the Lagos – Badagry expressway in Lagos, the commercial nerve center in Nigeria.

Generally, some residents across parts of Lagos hold a notion that Festac community is synonymous to violence, illicit acts and all sorts of crime related activities in the State. However, while the residents currently battle the plight of its synonymy with crime, recent happenings in the area is currently changing the face of the community.

One of such events is the maiden edition of the Festac Food Fair which held at the popular Road Park on Sunday, November 27, 2016. The event held amidst fanfare with food vendors, revelers and fun seekers alike turning out for the innovative community occasion.

Below are some of the highlights from the event that seeks to change the perception of residents about Festac community.


  1. The Cake Lady Stole The Show

A cake and confectionary brand, Sweet Havens, run by Funmi Oseni-Aladebo, was the cynosure of all eyes during the Food Fair as revelers and other guest trooped to her exhibition stand to have a feel of what is on offer.  Also, cakes of affordable prices were on offer and were purchased by guests and others present.

Above all, Sweet Havens won the award for the Best Vendor during the event due to the hospitality offered.

  1. People Actually Love Pancakes

Although not every individual understand how to make pancakes, the rush for the delicacy at the Festac Food Fair showed that people actually love it.

Speaking during the event, the founder of Pancake Hub, Jide Alex Oni, one of the exhibitors during the event told InsideMainland that Festac community is a potential market where people and businesses can tap into adding that the event gives the needed exposure and awareness to businesses.

For others who don’t know, a pancake is a flat cake, often thin and round prepared from a starch-based batter that may also contain eggs, milk and butter, and cooked on a hot surface such as a frying pan often in oil or butter.

  1. Food and Wi-Fi can mix

While food was purchased at discounted rates, there was free internet access for everyone present made available by internet service provider, Smile Networks. These provided an avenue for guests and others present to keep tab on happenings around them and also not miss out on events on various social media platforms.

  1. Smoothies Lovers Were Not Left Out


While at the food fair, guests who are fruit lovers and not a fan of soda and other forms of drinks were catered for as drink vendors such as Thrizzles, BuddieChillz, and others provided the best form of fruit mix.

The drink vendors blended various fruits such as pineapples, bananas, berries among other fruits with water, ice and other sweeteners to make a beverage that was well appreciated by revelers in attendance.

  1. We Still Love Our Local Delicacies


With the current spike in the demand for foreign meals, the Festac Food fair provided another avenue to note that Lagosians and residents alike still crave local delicacies.

During the food fair, the exhibiting stand of Lady China who specializes mainly on delicacies from the eastern part of the country such as Oha soup, Banga, White Soup, Ofe Owerri, Jollof and White rice among others was crowded by guests who desire to have a taste of her meals. As a result of the rush, the food vendor record impressive sales.

  1. Festac Still Produces Entertainers

The above point was buttressed by the amazing delivery from talented artistes who are resident in Festac community during the Food fair. At the event, guests and other fun seekers were treated to musical and comedic performances by talented artistes such as Emzee, VJ Priceless among several others.

Also, DJ 2Fresh with the use of his turntable, dished out good music from his playlist to the delight of the audience who danced till the end of the event.

Furthermore, revelers had the opportunity to parade the red carpet placed at a strategic spot while other guests took the opportunity to benefit from the various forms of discounts offered by the vendors in attendance.

  1. Festac Isn’t Synonymous To Crimes

“The Food Fair is an annual event and this is the maiden edition. Most times, whenever anyone mentions the name, Festac, people have an idea of bad things that is synonymous to the area. However, quite a number of these people do not understand wonderful and inspiring things also happen here,” these were the words of Ms. Eva Etese who is part of the handlers of the historic event.

In true sense, the event was successfully staged with no difficulties from street urchins who thrive in other parts of Lagos.

Ms. Eva who stressed the significance of the Food Fair said that “we have decided to stage a food fair of this nature to give opportunity to vendors to sell their goods thereby letting others have an idea of the good things happening in Festac.”

7 Take-outs From Festac Food Fair 2016

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